Saturday, August 03, 2013

PDSA Sheldon - 3rd Aug 2013

I entered the PDSA shop at the Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre, Sheldon and suddenly noticed a suspicious-looking Dalek making off with the charity collection box.

 I dashed out of the shop seeking help, but there was no sign of The Doctor. Fortunately I found Spock.

 Spock agreed to help and immediately stopped the Dalek in it's tracks.

Meanwhile the Doctor was nearby but rather pre-occupied with a new companion.
I thought maybe a rift in the space-time continuum had appeared at my local shops but In fact this was a special fund-raising day for this PDSA shop celebrating it's first birthday. A number of  sci-fi look-alikes appeared to help the shop on this occasion. And very impressive they were too.

 Batman and The Joker made an appearance.... did Superman.

 Here they are posing outside the shop.

Catwoman arrived a little later much to the delight of the men. 
As I left on the bus I espied a Power Ranger heading towards the shop. Happy birthday!

For more information on the PDSA go HERE.