Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The opening of the Library of Birmingham - 3rd Sept 2013

If there had been anything I could have wished for today, it would have been to be able to arrive at the Library of Birmingham earlier and to have been able to stay all day. As it was I arrived just before the doors opened to the public and I only had a couple of hours to spare. I didn't get round to seeing everything.... there was just  too much to see.
There was the internal architecture, the books, the hi-tech library aids and interactive displays, all jumbled up with an excited mass of people all enjoying the opening of what was, for today, a huge tourist attraction.
During my stay, certain aspects grabbed my attention.. the escalators, the book rotunda, the amphitheatre and the stunning views from the building.

Architectural arrangement. The Library of Birmingham (2013) flanked by the Hall of Memory (1925) and Baskerville House (1938).

The impressive exterior.

The reception area.

The Spotlight area, for small art exhibitions and performances.

I am struck by the amount of daylight in various sections of the library.

The escalators threading their way through the floors, resembling some huge sculpture of modern art. This fascinated me and for a while we were reminded of the Central Library when one of the escalators stopped working.

Animated decorations.

A hands-on exhibit from the Symphony of Atlas.. "The Book Apothecary".

Printed books could be reserved, taken out and returned at these automated terminals.

A view of the amphitheatre from the lower ground floor (music, film, and children's books). The front of the library can be seen through the open roof.

Same amphitheatre, different floor, the 2nd I think.

Plenty of computers and CD-ROMs for learning and research.

Looking up to the book rotunda...

....another view.

Views from the Discovery Terrace (floor 3).

Looking up to the top skylight.
Members of the brass company "Super Critical Mass" line the floors of the book rotunda to perform their interpretation of "Together We Breathe".

An interactive panel. Here some visitors are viewing an old local map.

Heading out, the lobby as I descend down the escalator. 

Outside, a ground floor view of the amphiteatre.

Media vans.

People still queuing to get in 2 hours later.

Edward VII wondering what all the fuss is about.