Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sheldon Country Festival - 28th July 2013

Despite weather forecasts of rain and thunderstorms, today's Country Fayre was blessed by sunshine with only a few cloudy periods and 3 drops of rain (I counted them).
The usual funfair, craft fair, charity stalls with their tombolas and over-priced food stalls were there, but no beer tent this year, which did not deter 1000's of visitors.
My take on the afternoon:-

 On our way to the country fayre, we have to negotiate the funfair first.

The event soon got very busy.

 There was a "static" display of various birds of prey organized by The Falconry School.

 There was a flying demonstration by the Falconry School. Here a volunteer carries several birds of prey around the arena.

 A falcon flies swiftly over the arena between volunteers holding bait.

 Ben Long, the organizer, with a gyrfalcon...

 ...which circles the arena swooping and veering around the spectators at awesome speed.

 Some of the craft stalls inside the barn.

 Now some shots of the resident animals from the farm.

 "Oi! What are you looking at?"

 The Old Rectory building.

 Blue plaque for Thomas Bray, missionary and founder of SPCK.

 Back to the fayre and a quick visit to the farm animals tent. Not only are there animals on display but there are educational resources and encouragement for the young to take an interest in farming and the farming industry.

 Back to the arena to watch the Cheshire Dog Display Team.

 Clambering over a 6 foot fence.

 Jumping through hoops.

 A sequence of shots showing a dog jumping through fiery hoops to retrieve a fiery target and take it back through the hoops.

And finally, after the disciplined dogs, we pass the local dog-show where a jealous competitor seems to question the judges decision.