Saturday, September 12, 2015

Heritage Week and random shots - 12th Sept 2015

Birmingham Heritage Week ran from 10th to 17th September. Many buildings were open to the public, some which rarely open their doors. There were exhibitions, talks, and walks. I decided to visit a couple of the buildings, Curzon Street rail terminal, which I've been wanting to visit for years, possible because I was worried what would happen to it when/if HS2 arrives, and the old Municipal Bank on Broad Street.

The rail terminal on New Canal Street .

Self explanatory plaque by entrance.

This kiosk is a recent addition to the building.

The Gents, closed in the Brummie tradition.

The Woodman viewed from the terminal.

The Woodman, a thriving pub with it's historical station behind and the modern Millennium Point area in front.  

Further away from the Woodman is The Eagle and Tun, which I once thought was doomed in the new developments but which has recently re-opened.

Millennium Point.

Decorative water features.

Some of the many tasteless buildings which are sprouting up around Brum quicker than Japanese Knotweed.

See above.


Moor Street Station, Selfridges looming up behind.

One of  numerous owl statues situated all around the city and suburbs, creating a beautiful artistic attraction, a "Hoot Trail" adventure to find them all, and eventually a charity event as the owls were auctioned off for good causes. This one is in (upper) Spiceal Street, with St Martins Church and the Nelson statue in the background.

Bullring Shopping Centre... God, I hate this place.

Big Brum.

The Library of Birmingham.