Monday, February 29, 2016


After great expense and much sweat on my part you can now click on the index link below and go straight to the appropriate page on this web-site.

Jun 29th 2004 Communication Row, St Saviours Church, Saltley Baptist Church *
Jul 9th 2004 Tour: Belchers Lane to Saltley Gate
Jul 20th 2004 Back-to-backs, Birmingham
Aug 4th 2004 Tour: Washwood Heath and Alum Rock
Oct 5th 2004 St Saviours graveyard (some headstones and names)
Nov 21st 2004 Canal Boat Light Parade (1st one)
Nov 27th 2004 Big Wheel, German Christmas Market
Apr 25th 2005 St George's Day
May 15th 2005 Tolkien Weekend *
Jun 10th 2005 Heartlands VE/VJ Exhibition
Aug 9th 2005 St Saviours graveyard (some MIs)
Sep 8th 2005 St Saviours Church and graveyard (some MIs)
Sep 10th 2005 Key Hill Open Day (some important dead people)
Sep 17th 2005 Black Country Boatfest
Oct 21st 2005 Trafalgar Day 200th anniversary
Nov 20th 2005 Canal Boat Light Parade
Dec 17th 2005 Merry Christmas Everybody!
Jan 23rd 2006 Walkabout Jewelry Quarter
Jan 24th 2006 Walkabout Jewelry Quarter Again
Feb 6th 2006 Walkabout Bordesley-Nechells-Aston
Mar 31st 2006 Peter Turner's back-to-back photographs
Jun 16th 2006 City Centre Walkabout (incl Tree of Life statue)
Jun 30th 2006 The Bromwich Vault
Jul 30th 2006 Sheldon Country Fair
Sep 9th 2006 Key Hill Open Day
Sep 18th 2006 Farewell and Welcome Back!
Oct 21st 2006 Trafalgar Day
Dec 10th 2006 Canal Boat Light Parade
Jan 26th 2007 St Matthews (ALL headstones & most MIs)
Apr 15th 2007 Big Birmingham Morris Caper
Apr 22nd 2007 Scouts Centenary Parade
Jul 2nd 2007 HP Sauce D-Day 1 (Also D-Day 5)
Jul 10th 2007 HP Sauce D-Day 9
Jul 14th 2007 Festival of Extreme Buildings *
Jul 14th 2007 Fazeley Street Walkabout *
Jul 20th 2007 HP Dauce D-Day 19
Jul 24th 2007 HP Sauce D-Day 23
Jul 24th 2007 Lichfield Road Traipse *
Aug 28th 2007 HP Sauce D-Day 58
Sep 7th 2007 Festival of Extreme Buildings Revisited
Sep 9th 2007 Unidentified Church
Sep 14th 2007 St James the Less Memorials (Many MIs)
Oct 22nd 2007 Trafalgar Day- belated
Oct 26th 2007 HP Sauce D-Day 117
Nov 15th 2007 German Christmas
Nov 17th 2007 Digbeth Coach Station Farewell Party
Feb 14th 2008 RIP Ring O' Bells
Mar 25th 2008 HP Sauce D-Day 268
Apr 22nd 2008 Royal Re-Opening of Birmingham Town Hall *
Apr 26th 2008 St George's Day Celebrations
May 2nd 2008 Eastside Mini-tour & Gun-Barrel Proof House *
May 20th 2008 Pub-Crawl *
May 27th 2008 St Matthews Church, Duddeston
Jul 24th Yardley-Sheldon Walkabout (ongoing macro blog)
Sep 13th 2008 Key Hill Open Day
Jul 12th 2009 Aston Juxta Church revisited (still being worked on) *Last update 11Feb2012
Dec 10th 2011 St Augustine's Church - City of Birmingham Brass Band *
May 20th 2012 Middle-earth Weekend *
Jun 4th 2012 Lord Mayor's Show and Jubilee *
Jun 10th 2012 Birmingham Lives History Fair *
Jun 24th 2012 The Voyage (Day 4) *
Jun 30th 2012 Olympic Torch in Birmingham *
Jul 12th 2012 Diamond Jubilee visit by HM the Queen *
Aug 25th 2012 Bayards Colts Mummers Play *
Sep 15th 2012 Black Country Boat Festival *
Sep 29th 2012 Vulcan flypast 60th anniversary*
Nov 11th 2012 Remembrance Sunday, Birmingham *
Apr 20th 2013 St George's Day Birmingham
Apr 28th 2013 New Street Station and Alvechurch
Jul 28th 2013 Sheldon Country Festival
Aug 3rd 2013 PDSA Sheldon
Sep 3rd 2013 The Opening of the Library of Birmingham
Apr 13th 2014 Highbury Hall Spring Craft Fayre
Apr 25th 2015 Gallipoli Centenary Commemoration
Sep 12th 2015 Heritage Week and random city photos