Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vulcan 60th anniversary tour - 29th September 2012

Today, the world's last flying Vulcan bomber XH558 did a flying tour over locations significant in it's manufacture.
This Vulcan is privately owned and operated. It relies on public donations to keep it in the air. For more details of the work involved and how to donate, follow @XH558 on Twitter or like "Vulcan XH558" on Facebook.
At approximately 3.22pm it arrived at Birmingham Airport, thundering over before flying off on it's next leg of the tour. I, and a thousand or so others, waited in Sheldon Country Park at the end of the runway to witness this event. I took a few photos, but they are not perfect shots because the damn thing wouldn't keep still.

 Approaching Birmingham Airport.

 Head on as it flies along the runway towards us.

Tilting the wings in a victory gesture.

 Continuing tour, RAF Cosford next.