Saturday, June 30, 2012


The Olympic Torch relay came to Birmingham today and was carried via a number of torch-bearers to Cannon Hill Park. Once there, the cauldron was lit and the torch ended it's journey for the day. Tens of thousands of people lined the streets to see the torch and another 20,000 waited in Cannon Hill Park where a huge party took place.
I was waiting just outside the entrance to the park. The atmosphere was exciting and very good-natured, although as the torch approached the crush from the crowd made photography difficult. The large silver building is the Edgbaston Cricket Ground which, being opposite the entrance to the park, provided the backdrop for many of the photographs.
After a long wait, a convoy of vehicles comprising the police, sponsors and Torch support buses zoomed past.... then a few minutes pause, and finally the torch came into view. And then it was all over.

 Crowd security start placing barriers to block off streets.

 The first of the police outriders arrive.

 Olympic Torch vehicles.

 Here come the sponsors... a warm up team from Coco-Cola.

 The Coca-Cola erm... ??

 On-board entertainment... clean emissions apparently.

 Electronics giant Samsung.


 Another Olympic Support Coach.

 A few minutes wait...

 ...and finally...

 ...Kiran Sahota carries the torch on it's final leg into Cannon Hill Park...

 ...where she will light the cauldron.

 The tail-end of the procession.

And finally a police-car. I'm sure the police enjoyed it all as much as we did.