Monday, June 04, 2012


There has been plenty happening in Brum this weekend.. the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Birmingham Pride and the Lord Mayor's Show, all with their jumble of mini-events around the city. I nicknamed it Brumbilee (groan).
Birmingham today saw thousands flocking into the city centre as the persistent rain of the last few days gave way to sunshine.
Here's my take on the day, which for me was centred on Victoria and Chamberlain Squares.

 On my way.. Great Western Arcade festooned with flags.

 The Wellington similarly adorned.

 There were lengthy queues for the open-top buz tours.

 Who needs a programme when you have events displayed on a giant screen?

 "Pick on someone your own size!"

 He juggles too.

 Introducing "The Juicy Titbits" who kept the crowds laughing with their banter...

 ...while still finding time for the kids.

Enter the Lord Mayor Councillor John Lines... 

 ...who enters into the spirit of the occasion accompanied by his wife Kathleen.

 I keep tripping over royalty.

The Council House.

 Pages outside the Council House.

 Inside the Council House, a fashion show is introduced.

 Am I going to chance my arm at fashion photography?

 The Lord Mayor's Parlour.

 The Lord Mayor's Parlour again.

 Very ornate chess set.

 Various souvenirs.

 A royal visit in the past... The Earl and Countess of Wessex.

Another, this time HM The Queen. 

 A model of HMS Birmingham sits in a glass case at the end of the first floor.

 Dressed for the occasion.

The West Midlands Fire Service Band. 

 Cor blimey guv, shake a leg!

 50's style entertainment in Chamberlain Square...

...which attracted a large audience. 

 In The Waterhall, visitors to the retro market are entertained by singers. The market was oldie-themed and you could buy old clothes, appliances, books etc as well as food and drinks.

Patriotic Preserves for sale. 

 Just inside the entrance to the Waterhall, "aceface Barbers" were offering old-fashioned haircuts.

 Back in Chamberlain Square the young Queen with attendants.
 Royalty everywhere.

 Absolutely everywhere.

"We are mildly amused" 

Man at work..Ian Cook of Pop Bang Colour working on a postage stamp artwork.

He had been working for several hours when I took these photographs. 

 Union Flags replace handkerchiefs for this ladies Morris side.

Back to batons. 

The man on the right is selling pork scratchings (cough). 

 Coffee stall (Mocha motor?)

Bunting and flags were selling well. 

 I say farewell to the fun and games as clouds gather over Victoria Square.