Sunday, May 20, 2012


The overcast and sometimes threatening weather did little to affect the attendance at this year's festivities. Thousands turned out for this regular family event. This year celebrated the 75th anniversary of the publication of The Hobbit but although Tolkien aficionados turned up in force, there were very few Hobbits to be seen amongst the Gandalfs, Vikings and Morris Men. 
I've probably blogged this subject to death over the last few years (sorry about the pun) so I'll just post some photos with occasional notes. I have added a link at the end to a more comprehensive posting from the 2010 weekend.

 Medieval Craft Village.

 Mugs, dishes etc for sale, some decorated with runes.

 Fantasy art, mugs, games.

 The Tolkien Society stall, showing off one of the Legolas posters.

 Costumes were varied and often not Tolkienesque. This made for a colourful variation of characters.

 The musicians and dancers of  The Wytchwood Morris Dancers look on...... "members of the public" are invited to take part in the dancing....

including a member of the local constabulary. 

The Wild Man of the Woods. 

Setting a new land speed record for dragons. Arranged by  Alchemy Theatre 

 Members of the Doublets and Damsels Dance Group outside the performance tent...
... meanwhile inside the tent The Wild Man of the Woods is performing. 

Inside Sarehole Mill. The mill was not working because the pond was being dredged. 

It seemed fitting to pop into the aptly named Hungry Hobbit sandwich bar just along the road for a bite to eat. This is situated only a short distance from Tolkien's old home and the areas he played in (Sarehole Mill and Moseley Bog) and so gained inspiration for his books.

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