Sunday, December 05, 2010


This was my first visit to Highbury Hall since I was a child. With Christmas approaching the interior of the building was lit by candles, bedecked with seasonal decorations, and mince pies, Christmas fruit cake and mulled wine were on sale. The 2 guided tours originally scheduled became 3 or more as the house received more visitors than the organisers expected.
I am not providing much in the way of historical notes, it is better to visit the building yourself and experience the homely atmosphere there.
The photograph above, of course, shows Highbury Hall by floodlight.

This is the Breakfast Room, once called the Morning Room, and is really the only photograph by candle-light taken. I used flash on the rest of them.

Another view of the breakfast room.

After passing through the Morning Room, once the boudoir, (and not shown because the candlelit photograph was totally out of focus), we arrive in the Drawing Room.

The Drawing Room again. The painting behind the Christmas tree is of the Elan Valley.

One more view of the Drawing Room with splendid arches at the far end.

Below the stairs at the end of the hall, a welcoming festive feature.

Heading up the stairs.

Viewing the ground floor of the hall from the balcony.

An enormous lighting structure hangs from the arched and ribbed ceiling.

Three of the  sides of the Galleried Landing serve as a picture gallery.

Leading from the gallery is an unnamed bedroom (possibly the East bedroom?)

From the next corner of the balcony is the West Bedroom.

View from the West Bedroom window along the side of the building and onto the grounds below.

Next to the West Bedroom is Mr Joseph's Room.

Back to the door to the right on the south side of the balcony, there is Miss Hilda's Room.

Going through another door in Miss Hilda's Room takes us into another room furnished as a bedroom.

Back on the ground floor, undoubtedly my favourite room, Joseph Chamberlain's Library, now known as the Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Museum.

As I leave Highbury Hall, I notice an explanatory plaque on the wall.