Saturday, April 24, 2010

St GEORGE'S DAY - Birmingham 24 Apr 2010

Saturday 24th of April. Both the Birmingham History Forum and Birmingham itself are celebrating St George's day and I want to be at both :(
1st stop, the Stag's Head, Summer lane to meet the Birmingham History Forum members who are enjoying a well organized party with buffet and raffle.

 I leave the Stag's Head for an appointment with the city centre.

 Back into town, and the Jockey Morris Men are performing in the grounds of St Philips Cathedral in the city centre. Various other entertainments are taking place in Victoria and Chamberlain Squares.

 The musicians.

 Audience participation.

 "You WILL join in!"

The dancers pose at the rear of the open-top bus which will take us on it's (free!) inaugural one-hour trip around some of the scenic parts of Birmingham. It is possible to get photographs of buildings normally hidden behind rows of traffic.. if you are sitting on the correct side.. and the sun is not in front of you... and the bus slows down a bit. But seriously, the tour visited some interesting places and was accompanied by an informed commentary. For more information on this tour and themed tours see HERE.

 "Go to work on a leg!"
Conductors-eye view of the top deck. The next six photographs are all taken from the top of the bus.

 A view of the crowds celebrating St George's Day in Victoria Square.

 Warstone Lane cemetery.

 The Lodge at Warstone Lane Cemetery.

 Stratford House, built in 1601.

 The Old Crown, a clear view from the top of the bus.

 The approach along Moat Lane as we return to the city centre.

Meanwhile, back in the city centre, I think George has slain his horse by mistake. Should have gone to Spec-savers!