Sunday, July 12, 2009

This "tour" starts at the floor of the tower, dated 1480. To the left of the west door is a brass of Thomas Holte, the grandfather of the Thomas Holte who built Aston Hall. It depicts him and his wife Margaret.
There are several Holte memorials in the church and the name also lives on as the "Holte End" at Villa Park football ground.
This particular memorial was formerly on the floor besides the monument to William Holte and wife Joan(na) situated in the north aisle (see later).

The inscription on the brass reads:

Thomas holte here lieth in grave
Thu for thyn paffion on him
Thou have compaffion and his foolle do fave

Around the edge:

Of yr charitie pray for the foolle of Thomas holte Efquire, late Juftice of North Wales & lord of this town of Aston And Margaret his Wife which Thomas ????* the 23rd daye of March, Anno Dmi 1545, whose foullf God pardon.

*deceased ?