Sunday, July 12, 2009

Inset and to the right of the war memorials is a monument dedicated to Josiah Foster MA, vicar from 1716 to 1727.

Near To This Place
Lyeth The Body of The Reverend IOSIAH FOSTER.A.M.
Late VICAR of This Parifh.
He was a Diligent Paftor of His Flock.
A Faithfull Minifter of The CHURCH of ENGLAND,
And an Exact Obferver of HER Ordinances.
He was a Man
Of Great Integrity, Strict Temperance,
And Primitive Piety.
He was Hofpitable Without Extravagance,
Charitable Without Vanity,
Humble Without Mean Compliances,
And Good Without Affectation.
His Admonitions were Grave and Powerfull:
The Repentant Found Comfort from Them
And The Obftinate Sinner Confufion of Face.
In a Word
He Liv'd The Life Of The Righteous,
And His Laft End Was Like His
He Married SUSANNA IANNES Daughter of the ~
in STAFFORDSHIRE Whom He Left a Widow.
In Teftimony of His Love and Affection to Her
Caus`d This Monument to be Erected
He Died October The 28th 1727. In The Sixtieth Year of His Age

Also of interest in this photograph is the sculpted head of William Eliot, vicar from 1875-1891, on the arch corner to the right of the monument.