Sunday, July 12, 2009

ASTON JUXTA CHURCH Revisited 12th July 2009

This is an updated section combining images of my first visit to the church (31st March 2009) with a subsequent visit on the church open day on the 12th July.

Welcome to Aston Parish Church; Ss Peter and Paul Church, Aston; Aston Juxta Birmingham Church (Aston near Birmingham). A splendid array of names and a history to match.
A church on this site was recorded in the Doomsday Book, but another building and much restoration and additions have taken place since. Others have recorded the history of the church and a detailed account can be viewed at BRITISH HISTORY ONLINE item 11.
There are monuments centuries old in the church, some with Latin inscriptions, and some so faded as to be illegible. Many monuments are hidden or inaccessible at this time, but more information and photographs may be added if I get the time to do so.

I was told by one of the ministers that the church is usually open when Aston Villa FC have a home match, although it was not made clear whether this was to pray for divine intervention before the match or possibly to seek solace afterwards.

Notes on coloured text:-
I have traditionally used blue text for transcriptions I have made myself but of which I am uncertain. The new red text, for this church only, applies to the history, transcriptions and translations as made by William Eliot MA, vicar of the church 1875-1891. His historical observations are sometimes at odds with other sources.

The information, transcriptions and translations cannot be guaranteed to be correct.

(Photo 31Mar2009)