Saturday, September 13, 2008

KEY HILL OPEN DAY 13th Sep 2008.

I turned up at Key Hill just after lunch-time armed with my trusty camera and wearing water-proofs after studying aviation weather charts, this being because when I usually get within 5 miles of Key Hill with my camera, it pours down. In fact today turned out to be fine and sunny.
Because I was rather late arriving I probably missed most of the activities. However I had an opportunity to wander idly amongst the headstones and circumnavigate ponds in the middle of the paths. Throughout the day a horse-drawn bus took visitors around the area. A funeral carriage was there courtesy of the Midlands Co-Op Funeral Services. There were guided tours of the cemetery. In the marquee were many stalls including one from the British Air Raids Association.
I did not take too many photographs this time* as there are plenty to see on my blog at and
The point of the open days is to increase public awareness of the importance of this historical site, many of Birmingham's most notable citizens are interred here, and to raise funds towards the restoration of the grounds, gates and memorials.
A group of dedicated people called the Friends of Key Hill Cemetery work very hard to organize these events and to help restore the cemetery.
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* Funeral Director Phil O'Dell has subsequently provided me with photographs taken earlier on during the day, which he has very kindly allowed me to use. For more information on Phil's range of (non-photographic) services click here.