Saturday, July 14, 2007

FAZELEY STREET WALKABOUT - Saturday 14th July 2007.

After looking at the extreme concepts of architecture, I thought I'd poddle down Fazeley Street and the surrounding area photographing some places which may soon be lost to the Eastside development. One building which should survive the upheaval is the old Curzon Street Railway Station shown above.
There are a lot of old factories and warehouses in Eastside and a few more visits are in the pipe-line.

The Eagle & Tun on Banbury Street.

A huge area of green near the city centre, with Millennium Point and the old Curzon Street Terminal in the background. The Eagle & Tun is just out of sight to the right.

The remains of an olde-surfaced road (part of the original Bartholomew Street) off Fazeley Street. The railway visible is at the far end.

The corner of New Bartholomew Street with Fazeley Street. I'm not sure what
 is supposed to be open to the public.

Further along New Bartholomew Street.

The northern end of New Canal Street.

Some fancy artwork on these buildings either side of Andover Street.

Digbeth Basin.

Fazeley Street Bridge.

Looking north from Fazeley Street along the canal.

A factory on Fazeley Street.

Continuing along Fazeley Street.

Looking down Trent Street.

A factory on Coventry Street.

Looking along Coventry Street.

Looking back along Coventry Street towards Selfridges and Rotunda.