Friday, January 26, 2007

ST MATTHEWS, 26th January 2007

St Matthews Church in Duddeston-cum-Nechells is quite involved in my family history, one set of grandparents married there, a great aunt married there, a great grand-aunt was buried there (aged 12) and at least four other relatives were Christened there including my great grandfather John Fisher who was later to be secretary of the East Birmingham Liberal Unionists and to work with Joseph Chamberlain.
After having a look round the graveyard I decided to photograph every memorial and headstone, there are not that many, and to copy all of the monumental inscriptions. There are obviously lots more graves there but they are no longer visible. Stage 1 is complete and all the photographs of ALL the memorials/headstones are here. I only have to check out 1 inscription and check details on a few others and I will be finished. Please note there may be memorials inside the church, I have not been inside... yet.
Must get back to St Saviours soon (gulp).

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