Saturday, September 09, 2006

KEY HILL OPEN DAY. Sat 9th September 2006.

Unlike last year, the weather was bright and warm for the Key Hill Open Day. As I walked through the cemetery from the Key Hill entrance to the centre of activities the first thing I saw was the "Burger Van", a welcome addition to the Open day. Then my eyes were drawn to the marquee and the crowds of people milling round... and it had only just opened.
The committee must congratulate itself again this year for the work and organization they must have put in.
Inside the marquee, a variety of stalls included bric-a-brac, Victorian dress, local history books and the all-important snacks stall run by Jan Hardware. Local artist and writer Ron "Smudge" Smith was there, selling and signing his pictures. The ever-popular tomb-bola stall was there with it's rotating coffin for drawing the tickets from ( not all that popular with me... I didn't win anything ;-) ). Colin Giles exhibited some of his vast collection of flat irons and enthusiastically chatted about their history. The Friends of Key Hill had their own stall of course, selling Key Hill souvenirs and recruiting people to their group.
Outside were hearses from various organizations which were later joined by a horse-drawn hearse.
The Grave-Yard tour kept Chris Sutton (and later Pauline Roberts) very busy.
Anyroad, enough from me, below are the best of today's photographs
[and you can also take another look at last years photos at]

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