Saturday, October 08, 2016

Unveiling of the plaque - The Great Stone Inn, Northfield - 8th October 2016

Northfield Old Village is one of the hidden gems of Birmingham, a small "rural area" of old  listed buildings in a conservation area within the bustling district of Northfield.
Opposite the Church of St Laurence is The Great Stone Inn, a hostelry named after a large stone deposited there by glacial activity in the ice-age. Up until recently the stone sat on the pavement outside the inn, but was moved to the pound adjacent to the inn in 1954.
Today, a plaque was unveiled in the presence of several local councillors.

The Old Stone Inn

Northfield Councillor Debbie Clancey speaks to the inn regulars and spectators. Speeches were made by several visiting persons including Doctor Robert Ixer, who explained some of the archaelogical background to the stone, Longbridge Councillor Andy Cartwright and Weoley Councillor Peter Douglas Osborn.

The plaque.

Doctor Robert Ixer and Cllr Andy Cartwright.

Cllr Andy Cartwright and Cllr Peter Douglas Osborn.

After the unveiling ceremony the Parish Church of St Laurence opened it's doors to provide refreshments for the many visitors.