Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today the Stone Cross St George Association demonstrated that the English can celebrate St George's day with a peaceful and very enjoyable procession. Billed as controversial, and distanced from by Sandwell Council, funding was provided by businessman Chris Kelly and hence the opportunity for the 10th St George's Day procession in West Bromwich to go ahead. The parade started from Stone Cross, West Bromwich and finished at Dartmouth Park. Apart from celebrating St George, the dead of the two World Wars were remembered as were those members of our forces still serving in conflict overseas.
One of the organizers, Nick Clorley told me an estimated 15,000 people had turned out for the occasion. Even an improvement in the weather allowed the sun to shine on the righteous!
Wake up England!!!
The lodge house at Dartmouth Park adorned with St George's flags.
The Cenotaph in Dartmouth Park.
Before the procession, it's posing time for the veterans, members of various branches of the Royal British Legion.
... and on the other side of the road with the Crown and Cushion public house providing part of the background.
A suitably bedecked buggy for one of the spectators.
Revellers arriving.
Bob Langley directs the marching bands and the veterans into the display area.
The Northfield Caledonia Pipes & Drums. See
The veterans arrive.

More marchers arrive, suitably attired for the occasion.
Pipers in the park.
Standards are lowered as a bugler plays "The Last Post".
Organizer Nick Clorley thanks the procession's participants and other groups who helped on the day.
The Union Flag is raised, other standards are lowered as the salute is taken for the National Anthem.
.... crowds in the background join in the National Anthem.