Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A PUB-CRAWL - 20th May 2008

 I was asked to take a photograph of 24 Havelock Road by someone whose family were based there earlier in the last century. A good place to be based if it were open. It is/was part of the Havelock Tavern, the garage part to be precise. For the same pub in 2004 see here.
I decided as the weather was nice, a quick pub-crawl was in order.

Another view of the pub

This photograph is of a scene outside the Havelock Tavern, obviously busier in the 1950s. Thanks to Tom Brown who provided the photograph and who's father Thomas is on the far left.

From Havelock Road we head towards Alum Rock Road via what should be either Sycamore or Chestnut Cottages. The remainder of the houses were demolished to make way for the Rock Cinema which in turn was demolished to make way for a school and car-park.

 The other side of the lane.

 Now we are at The Tilt-Hammer on the corner of Adderley Road and Alum Rock Road. Time for a quick pint? No chance. A slightly improved view of the pub taken in 2004 can be seen here.

Travelling on the inner circle No 8 buz, we see The Gables Tavern, another ex-pub. Shame really, the concept of a taxi-cab firm operating from the upstairs of a pub could be a real winner.

This is The Nest on the corner of Muntz Street and Swanage Road. Sold by auction but I'm not sure if it will still be a pub. [I'll have to go back soon and check ;) ]

Finally, the Wagon and Horses on the Coventry Road, Sheldon taken from the No 60 bus. A photograph of the pub taken in 2006 is here.

 That must be the cheapest pub-crawl you've ever been on.