Friday, May 02, 2008


A request by a friend of a friend to get some photographs of The Birmingham Gun-Barrel Proof House became a mini Eastside tour taking in part of the area of an earlier visit I made, and how things are beginning to change. (See the Fazeley Street Walkabout at )
I sometimes wish Birmingham would stop to take a breath so that it would be possible to tour the city without all the cranes and bulldozers spoiling the view.
Above are the Curzon Street Railway Terminal with The Woodman public house to the left.

 The sign to the right of the station is a sign of things to come.

 No comment.

 I seem to remember this as being one of the largest green areas in the city centre. 

 The Eagle & Tun on the corner of Banbury Street and New Canal Street.

 The entrance to the Birmingham Gun-Barrel Proof House, established 1813 to check the safety of all firearms, in particular the quality of the barrels. This photograph was taken from underneath the railway tunnel in Banbury Street.

 Detail above the gateway. The Latin inscription translates roughly as "Safety through caution".

 The main building which is still used for the proofing of weapons.

 A closer view of the door.

 The detail above the door.

 Approaching the Curzon Street Terminal along New Canal Street.

 A front view of the station.

 To the right of the station door a sign commemorating the 150th anniversary
 of the arrival of the first train.

 The Woodman, a working pub.

 Behind the pub some city centre development.

 This example of classical architecture which is Millennium Point...

... and just to the left of Millennium Point, even more development work.