Tuesday, July 24, 2007

HP SAUCE - D-Day 23 - 24 July 2007

~~~The sun has got it's hat on, hip hip hip hooray
I'm going up to Aston Cross to watch the wreckers play ~~~
OK , so I was a bit off key but hello, something's missing, guess what?



A panoramic view of the wreckage.


After viewing the sad demise of the HP Sauce factory, I sought solace by walking along the peaceful and tranquil path alongside Lichfield Road to the top of Cuckoo Road, hoping to photograph scenes of beauty, historical worth and architectural interest.
In fact Lichfield Road must be one of the most God-forsaken stretches of highway in Birmingham. The only buildings of any note were mainly pubs*. Nevertheless, taking advantage of the sun (today must be officially summer!) I plodded on with my trusty camera.
First:- The Manor Tavern, a working pub at the junction of Portland Street and Wainwright Street.

*I resisted temptation on all occasions despite the heat.

The Vine, another working pub, at the top of Sandy Lane.

Another view of The Vine from Sandy Lane.

A residential area on Lichfield Road.

A pleasant aspect along Lichfield Road with Grosvenor Road to the left. A sign suggests all the interesting bits are to the left, which they are.... 
Aston Park, Aston Hall, Villa Park, Aston Juxta Church.

The Britannia, an ex-pub (although a sign shows "under new management").

The railway viaduct adds colour to the scene.

At the junction of Lichfield Road and Holborn Hill is The Swan and Mitre, still open for business.

An old chimney, or maybe a new light-house... we seem to get a lot of rain now!

The King Edward VII pub is still open. The yellow signs outside proclaim "Smoking Conservatory Open".

Drinkers can sit outside on the benches and enjoy the beautiful view...

... the beautiful view of the traffic on Lichfield Road.

Cars for sale on the pavement, vehicles which have been sold on the road and on the M6 flyover in the background... a pattern begins to emerge!

Finishing my journey at the top end of Cuckoo Road I find The Reservoir, another ex-pub. My next-door neighbour ran it 30 years ago.

The old pub sign is still intact.