Friday, June 16, 2006


The Tree of Life statue, commemorating the people killed in the blitz of Birmingham in World War II.
St Martin's Church is in the background.

Another view.

The first face of the plinth. The names on the plaque are from ABBOT, A to EDWARDS, MG.
If you click on the picture, it will be enlarged. You should be able to click on it again to zoom in and read the names on the plaque.

The second face of the plinth, the names are from EDWARDS, ST to LANGFORD, N.

The third face of the plinth. The names here are from LANGLEY, GH? to RUSELL JGM. The reflections have caused a problem with this shot.

Another view of the third face. Will retake this shot soon on a cloudier day or from an angle.

The last face of the plinth with names RUSSELL, W to YORK, C.

As close as most Brummies will get to the World Cup, but nevertheless another demonstration by Birmingham's excellent gardeners. But hark? I am drawn to Chamberlain Square by the loud sound of jungle drums...

... to find Zulu warriors dancing on stage as part of Celebrating Sanctuary, Birmingham's contribution to National Refugee Week. The group are called Lions of Zulu.

Taking their bow.

A show of arms as an encore.

A final display by the warriors.

They had a very large and very appreciative audience. By the way the archives are there somewhere in the background.

Passing St Philips on the way home.

Lunch time at St Philips and it's starting to resemble a gathering at the Isle of Wight....

... except I think there were a few more people at the Isle of Wight in 1970, I think so.