Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Yet again, armed with my trusty camera and still valid bus-pass I went exploring round the northern perimeter of the Jewelry Quarter... Great Hampton Street, Kenyon Street, Mary Street, Northwood Street and Constitution Hill. I located 44 Kenyon Street from building plans (see previous blog, below).
The whole area is rich with old and listed buildings.....

First photo, the Church Inn (Ansells) on the corner of Great Hampton Street and Harford Street.

Looking down Great Hampton Street towards the city centre with Hall Street branching off to the right. At the traffic lights ahead, the road forks into Constitution Hill and Livery Street.

The left-hand side of Kenyon Street from Great Hampton Street.

... and the right-hand side.

No 44 Kenyon Street at last!

The top of Kenyon Street, Caroline/Hall Street at the end.


No 44 Kenyon Street again.

Streets ahead.. the road-sign on the left (behind the red pillar) is Hall Street. The road-sign on the street behind (partially obscured by a man) is Hall Street.

The Brown Lion.

A view up Mary Street towards Caroline Street.

The other side of Mary Street.

A view down Northwood Street towards Livery Street.

An ex-pub, the White Horse Cellars (M&B) on the corner of Constitution Hill and Northwood Street.

On my way back into town, a view from the bus-stop on Constitution Hill.

..and I nearly missed the bus when I was distracted by this leisure-wear store, H S Tank & Sons.