Sunday, May 15, 2005

TOLKIEN WEEKEND - 15th May 2005

Well, it is the 50th anniversary of 'The Lord of The Rings', the books that is. I won't wax lyrical about the books (best story ever) or the films (best ever) but it was an excuse to go for a shufty round the mill with my camera and I couldn't resist visiting the frolics and celebrations either.
I spent many happy hours in and around the mill when I was young, I was not inspired to write great literary works but I caught loads of sticklebacks.
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The entrance to Sarehole Mill and grounds on Cole Bank Road, Birmingham.

 A grey wizard tries to scrape a living selling programmes to passing humans.

 Sarehole Mill.

Another view. 

 The mill pond.

 Growing vegetables by the pond.

The rear of the mill building. 

 The water-wheel in action.

 A view of Cole Bank Road from inside the mill.

Some of the forecourt buildings. 

The Witch-King stops for a friendly chat with a stall-holder.... 

....before posing with my daughter and her friend. 

 The wizard counts his takings (didn't they get paid enough for the film?)

 A gypsy caravan and horse.

 A troll guards the path to the archery field.

 The forecourt at the mill.

Vikings of a Dark Ages Reenactment Society gave weaponcraft and combat displays. 

Battle of the champions. 

 Fun rides on a miniature steam train railway.

The Moseley Morris Dancers perform near the entrance. 

If you look carefully Elves can be seen mingling with the humans. 

 The Falconberg Medieval Reenactment Society gave excellent demonstrations of armour, weapons and archery. Here the squire takes time out for posing with a cuppa.

Archery practice. 

The target. 

"Can't you keep still for a minute?" 

"It all started when I rubbed this lamp".