Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Washwood Heath Road, Alum Rock Road.

Today, I went in search of a number of specific addresses mentioned in the lists. However it did not quite work out like that. As I walk around looking for some of these properties, I come across other places I consider worthy of attention. It is very easy to head off in an unintended direction because a street name reminds me of something I've seen in the lists. As a result of that, I did not get round to half of the target addresses. But here is what I did find..........

The Havelock Tavern, Havelock Road, Saltley. I had a quick look inside and there are a number of smallish bars, the lounge at the rear having interesting old features. Posted by Hello

One of the problems of looking for specific old properties is that they tend to disappear. This is 94 Washwood Heath Road. The side-road is Hutton Road. The modern houses on the other side of Hutton Road probably stand next to the site where 96 and 98, the houses I was trying to find, were. The disappointment is as great for me as it is for the people who were interested in them. Posted by Hello

But at last, a modicum of success. 45 Bennetts Road, albeit with a much-modernised frontage... the house in the middle with the darkwood porch and window. Posted by Hello

243 Washwood Heath Road (with the brick red door). Posted by Hello

Another view of 243 Washwood Heath Road. Very handy for buses to the town centre. Posted by Hello

Highfield JI School, Highfield Road. Posted by Hello

Highfield School again. Posted by Hello

The Rock PH, Alum Rock Road. Not so public now though, the doors and windows are covered with security panels and the building is up for sale. Any offers?... before MacDonalds get their hands on it? Posted by Hello

The Rock again. Posted by Hello

306 Alum Rock Road, above the arrow. 2 doors down (302) is UK Property Management and 2 doors up (310) is UK Injury Claims!! Posted by Hello

306 Alum Rock Road (without the arrow). Posted by Hello

SS Mary & John Church, the Parish Church of Saltley and Shaw Hill, Alum Rock Road. Posted by Hello

Parish Church of SS Mary & John, Shaw Hill. Posted by Hello

Another view of SS Mary & John Church. Posted by Hello

Shaw Hill Primary School, Alum Rock Road. Posted by Hello

Another view of Shaw Hill School looking along Anthony Road from Alum Rock Road. Posted by Hello

The Leyland Cars Athletic & Social Club on Alum Rock Road. A burnt out ruin. Posted by Hello

Another view of Leyland Cars Club. Posted by Hello

The Manor House public house, Stechford. Closed! Posted by Hello